Notice: * Store operations will be closed from July 23 to July 31 due to new store relocation work.

From 7/23 (Friday) to 7/31 (Saturday), Store operations will be closed due to relocation and preparation for new stores. I'm sorry that the announcement was delayed due to various fluttering.

The temporary opening of a new roadside store is currently scheduled for 8/1 (Sun). (It may change depending on the progress of work)

The interior work is finally in the final stage and will be handed over soon. Next was the stage of various work such as bringing in furniture and products.

Work to put stones in furniture.

This is the plastering work on the wall. The craftsmen will apply the plaster skillfully.

This plastered wall is completed by applying it twice or three times. After all, the real texture is good.

The store will be closed until July 31 due to the relocation work from the current store to the new store below.

Please feel free to contact us online for inquiries, repairs, and other inquiries and purchases.