ROLEX Cellini 4103 YG Rectangle Silver Roman Dial

Rolex Cellini 4103 YG Rectangle Silver Roman Dials are in stock now.

This watch is a rectangular YG case with a rather thick edge.

The case looks like a trapezoid when viewed from the side, and it feels a little thick, which is a rare design for Cellini.

If you take a look at the photo with a little more pulling

The atmosphere such as size and color is like this. The arm circumference of the model is about 16.5 cm.

This Rolex Cellini 4103 has been purchased by women, so it can be said that it is unisex size.

The shirt style is very elegant. In the coming season, it will go well with thin knitwear.

You can see that it is trapezoidal when viewed from the side. Since it contains a hand-wound thin movement, the case is not thick.

The crown is also elaborately designed. The design is such that the Rolex crown logo stands out in a slightly recessed area.

The yellow gold case, the silver dial that has changed over time, and the Roman numeral index are really fashionable, aren't they?

Since the hands and letters are black, the leather strap is also black. If you tighten it with black, it will look crispy overall.

A genuine GP buckle is attached. You may not usually show it, but I'm glad that this is also a genuine buckle.

This time Cellini 4103 was overhauled at Rolex Japan in April of this year.

The service guarantee at that time is also included. You can rest assured that the Rolex Japan warranty will come with you for two years until April 2023.

It's finally the season when you can use dress watches.

I think the temperature will be a little more autumnal around October, so use a dress watch like Cellini from autumn to spring and a highly waterproof watch in summer.

The product page is yet to come, but if you are considering purchasing before that, please contact us.

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