New arrival.

ROLEX Cellini Ref.4112 WG Silver Dial

The size of the arm circumference is 16.5 cm and the case diameter is 31 mm.

Now 31mm is the size of unisex. I think it can be used by both men and women.

It's about time for the shirt style to be the main season.

It's simple to have only accessories at hand, but I feel that having a watch makes it more fashionable.

Applied (typesetting) finish crown mark and index bar.

White gold case and silver dial make this almighty watch easy to match.

A photo of the back of the buckle. Do you see the number "750" engraved on the right side?

This means that it is innocent.

Usually, this watch has a solid buckle, although it usually has a gold-plated buckle.

This buckle alone is quite expensive.

The dial, index, hands, and case are all beautiful.

This Cellini is being maintained at the Rolex Service Center in 2019.

I have handled a lot of Cellini so far, but it is quite rare for an individual to be maintained by Rolex.

Although there is damage, the original box of Cellini is attached.

It's a thin hand-wound watch, so you won't get tired of wearing it.

I think it is a watch that can be used for a long time without becoming obsolete because it has a simple design and high quality material (WG case).

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