SOLD ROLEX Cellini 4103 YG Rectangle Silver Roman

Rolex Cellini 4103 18K YG Rectangle Silver Roman is sold out. thank you.

You came to the store and purchased it. Cellini in a vivid on-style. It's really cool, isn't it?

It's natural, but dress watches fit perfectly into a suit-like style.

There are quite a few Rolex Cellinis of this size and design, and none of them are in good condition.

Albitro basically purchases items in good condition, so it is not easy to purchase them.

It's a perfect salt plum in terms of size, size, design and color balance. Moreover, since it is a solid gold case, there is nothing to say in terms of luxury and quality.

Vintage dress watches have to be handled with care compared to the current ones, but I'd be happy if more people could wear these watches lightly.

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